Pyrrhula Research Consultants BV offers research support to clients in the fields of arts and culture, work, education, and civic participation. Since its foundation in 2005 it helps organisations to clarify research problems, coordinate (administrative) data gathering, organize (indepth) interviewing, analyze survey data, and translate research results to their own (policy) practice. It also helps build (survey) research competencies of (policy) professionals, young reseachers, and students. Pyrrhula Research Consultants is a founding member of the research network HTH Research, a network focusing on arts, work, and policy.


Fall 2018-Summer 2019: Inventory of Honorarium Guide Lines in the Arts, for FPK, Performing Arts Fund NL
Fall 2018-Spring 2019: Trend research Supply-Demand Performing Arts with/on behalf of HTH Research, for FPK, Performing Arts Fund NL
June 2018: Presentation of the report Waarde van Cultuur on cultural, social and economic value of culture in Noord-Brabant. See publications page.
May 2018: Final report on work and income of script writers, film directors, and actors presented to PAM, Portal Audiovisuele Makers
March 2018: Start of big data analysis of the uniqueness of Front of House dance festivals, for Out of the Boks, with HvA and NEO
February 2018: Report on work and income of visual artists published: Een Collectieve Selfie 3; for BKNL, with Berenschot
February 2018: Results of the rerun of the Monitor Freelancers & Media, version 2017. Report and presentation at Nieuwspoort

Henk Vinken

Henk is a sociologist (PhD 1997) and founder of Pyrrhula Research Consultants BV (2005). He works at the nexus of science, policy, and practice and has served as a research consultant in a large number of projects. He has worked for several research institutes and universities in the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, and the USA, and has (co-)authored more than 250 publications. Check his full resume: [PDF]. Last update July 7, 2018. Check Henk's profile at LinkedIn or at Research Gate.