Pyrrhula Research Consultants BV offers research support in the fields of arts and culture, education, work and civic participation. Pyrrhula Research Consultants is a founding member of HTH Research, a research network focusing on arts, work, and policy.


2020: Volunteer policies in the heritage sector, for OPEN, Overleg Provinciale Erfgoedinstellingen Nederland
2020: Fair practice in classical and pop music, for Platform ACCT, Platform Arbeidsmarkt Culturele en Creatieve Toekomst
2020: Final evaluation Copyright Law for screenplay writers, film directors and leading actors. For PAM, Portal Audiovisuele Makers
2019-2020: The second wave of Waarde van Cultuur. Report published June 16, 2020: download
2019-2020: Programming at performing arts podia, for Performing Arts Fund NL. See for the report here

Henk Vinken
Henk founded Pyrrhula Research Consultants BV in 2005. He is a sociologist (PhD 1997) working at the nexus of science, policy, and practice. He has worked for several research institutes and universities in the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, and the USA. Check his full resume: [PDF]. Last update September 16, 2020. Also check Henk’s profile at LinkedIn or Research Gate.