Selection of lectures, talks, courses.

Note that even when not indicated on each source, copyrights lie with the author(s).

Arts /Culture /Values

SM’s, Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch, bkkc werkconferentie Publiek!, November 2016 – Cultuurvrienden. De betekenis van vrienden in de cultuursector, een pilot in Tilburg. [PPT]

Rikkyo University, School of Sociology, Tokyo, Japan, April-May 2016 – The impact of cultural capital on the life course (Lecture 5 on Family culture within the framework of the 14 lectures course ‘Introduction to Sociology – Sociological thinking about life courses’; see for the full syllabus below at subject Generations/Life Courses). [PPT]

Expertmeeting Monitoring National Arts Education Systems, Utrecht, Netherlands, February 2015 – Art teachers in a comparative perspective. Preliminary results from the Talis 2013 database. [PPT]

Onderzoeksconferentie Cultuureducatie en Cultuurparticipatie 2014, Utrecht, Netherlands, November 2014 – LKCA-onderzoek buitenschoolse kunstdocenten en artistiek begeleiders amateurkunst. [PPT]

Kunst van het… Veranderen, Ede, Netherlands, November 2014 – LKCA-onderzoek buitenschoolse kunstdocenten en artistiek begeleiders. [PPT]

International Perspectives on Participation and Engagement in the Arts, Utrecht, Netherlands, June 2014 – Culture Index for the Netherlands [PPT]

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands, December 2013 – De staat van cultuur: Lancering cultuurindex [PPT]

Nieuwspoort, The Hague, Netherlands, November 2013 – Freelance journalisten, schrijvers en fotografen [PPT]

Natura Docet/Najaarsvergadering NFVM, Denekamp, November 2013 – Vrijwilligers in de culturele sector. [PPT]

Jacobs Foundation, Schloss Marbach, Öhningen, Germany, April 2010 – Religion and traditional values in East Asia. The relevance of generational divides in East Asia origin surveys. [PPT]

Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan, September 2008 – Comparing cultures. World surveys and East Asian surveys. [PPT].

China Youth University for Political Sciences, Beijing, China, October 2007 – Carte blanche leadership and young generations in East Asia. Analyses of several East Asian values surveys. [PDF][PPT]

MICM, Utrecht, Netherlands, October 2007 – Cultures, Generations, Communications. [PPT]

Chinese University of Hong Kong, SAR Hong Kong, China / University of Tokyo, Japan / Peking University, China, March-April 2007 – East Asian values surveys. Making a case of East Asian-origin values survey concepts. [PPT]

Kwansei Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan, March 2007 – Religion and traditional values in East Asia. Exploring five comparative values surveys in East Asia. [PPT]

MICM, Utrecht / The Hague, Netherlands, November 2006 – Cultures, Generations, Communications. [PPT]

Kwansei Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan, May 2006 – Religion in Western sociology. Universalist discourses and particularist indicators. [PPT]

NIOD, Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 2005 – Happiness in the Netherlands and Japan since the 1980s. Trends from a generational perspective. [PDF] [PPT].

ASA, San Francisco, USA, August 2004 – Work values on the old continent. Cross-national and intergenerational trends in 12 European countries: 1980-2000 (with P. Ester & A. Román). [PDF]

Kwansei Gakuin University, Nishinomiya, Japan, May 2004 – Cultural dimensions, changing life courses, and the meaning of well-being. [PDF][PPT].

GESIS (ZUMA), Mannheim, Germany, September 2003 – Value theory and research in sociology. [PDF]

Activation /Participation /Engagement

Natura Docet/Najaarsvergadering NFVM, Denekamp, November 2013 – Vrijwilligers in de culturele sector. [PPT]

Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bundesverband e.V., Berlin, 15.-16. März 2012 – Soziale Aktivierung in den Niederlanden und Deutschland. [PPT]

Debatcentrum Tumult, Utrecht, Netherlands, September 2006 – Jong in Europa. Een lezing aan de hand van vier stellingen. [PDF]

Leiden University, Leiden, Netherlands, February-March 2006 – 10 ECTS course Political Socialization.
Course Manual [PDF]
Lecture 1 [PPT]
Lecture 2 [PPT]
Lecture 3 [PPT]

Lund University, Lund, Sweden, September 2004 – Changing life courses, new media, and citizenship. The impact of the reflexive biographization. [PDF]

FUB, Free University Berlin, Germany, February 2003 – Civic socialization in late modernity. [PDF]

ISPP, Boston, USA, July 2003 – The cultural roots of civic engagement. A cross-national macro-analysis of 22 European countries (with P. Ester & P. Dekker). [PDF].

Generations /Life Courses

Rikkyo University, School of Sociology, Tokyo, Japan, April-May 2016 – Introduction to Scoiology. Sociological thinking about life courses (syllabus of a 14 lectures course). [PDF]

Japan Youth Study Group, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, December 2011 – From youth culture to street culture in the Netherlands. [PDF][PPT]

Konstanz University, Konstanz, Germany, December 2008 – Is there a McWorld Generation? [PPT]

Södertörn University College, Stockholm, Sweden, January 2006 – Comparative youth research. A theoretical rationale? [PPT]

Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan, November 2005 – Sampling experiences. Young people going abroad and new life course dynamics. [PPT]

Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, November 2005 – Changing life courses across cultures. [PPT]

International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan, June 2005 – The McWorld Generation. Are young people increasingly similar across the globe? [PPT]

Komazawa University, Tokyo, Japan, May 2004 – Young consumer citizens. Comparing citizenship and consumption of young generations across cultures. [PPT]

Universiteit van Tilburg, Tilburg, Netherlands, February 2004 – Een meerkeuzegeneratie of een meerkeuze-elite? [PPT]

IUB, International University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany, December 2003 – Changing cultures, life courses, and institutions. [PDF] [PPT]